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Printing Glossary


Printing can be complicated with all the technical jargon. Here’s a quick guide to printing terms to help you make the best choices for your next print marketing project. If you have any questions shoot us an email. We’re here to help.


Offset –
Latest high production printing method using 4 color CMYK process press. Offset printing utilizes Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black from the CMYK color format to produce vibrant high definition images and graphics. Offset CMYK is the preferred commercial printing method for highest quality and efficient production for mid to large volumes. Minimum quantities vary by product. ULTRA™ prints more than 95% of products by offset process.

Digital –
Essentially color laser printers. Digital printing is typically reserved for low quantity runs as it cuts down on setup costs associated with offset. Digital prints also have limitations such as coating and finishing options.


Book” or “Text” Weight –
Standard paper type such as letterheads, stationary, Xerox copies,  Wide range of styles and thickness. Basic Xerox copy paper runs roughly 20lb text/book weight.

ULTRA™ doesn’t mess around. We don’t print on anything less than 70lb book/text weight offered as standard stationary stock for letterheads, envelopes, and uncoated print products. We also offer as standard 80lb and 100lb gloss text paper stocks for majority of our print work.

Cover Weight –
Roughly 3 times thicker than standard text weight paper. It’s primarily used for “covers” for booklets but can be utilized for pretty much anything you want something a little more sturdy.

ULTRA™ offers cover stocks in 100lb Cover Weight

Card Stock (C1S/C2S) –
These are heavy stocks measured in points (pt) used for business cards, postcards, presentation folders, etc.
ULTRA™ offers card stocks in 14pt, 16pt, 18pt, 32pt and 18pt recyled craft paper.


UV Gloss – Glossy wet look and highly reflective varnish coating. You cannot write on UV Gloss coating unless it’s a permanent marker like a Sharpie™.

Matte/Dull – A smooth non reflective coating. Subtle light deflection for a natural and smooth feel. You can write on Matte coating with any writing instrument.

Silk Laminate – Silky smooth ULTRA™ luxury matte coating. You can see and feel the luxurious texture. You can write on silk laminate coating.

Velvet Suede Laminate – Feels a little like both velvet and suede in a matte dull type of texture. Run your fingers across this finish and you’ll instantly know why we call it Velvet Suede.

Gloss Laminate – Thick ultra glossy film laminate applied on both sides to create a super mirror finish. Adds roughly 5pt thickness to card stocks turning 16pt into 21pt heavy duty cards.


Spot UV or Spot Gloss –
Refers to applying UV Gloss as a design element to highlight key areas with a light reflective effect. Applying Spot UV Gloss to logos, text or even as a pattern overlay, can greatly enhance the look of any printing to maximize attention grabbing exposure and capture the eye.

Hot Foil aka Metallic Foil –
A method to apply a shiny metallic film to specific areas of printing similar to Spot UV Gloss. Apply foil as logos, text, graphics and patterns.
ULTRA™ offer foil in gold, silver, copper, black, blue and red colors.

Liquid Foil aka Aquafoil or Inline Foil –
A special additive to transform any ink colors into a shimmering metallic effect. Liquid Foil is not as reflective as metallic foil but best described as a gun metal finish. Let your colors shine like never before!

ULTRA EDGE™ Series – Available exclusively on our 32pt Color Edge cards. Choose from 2 distinct styles.

TRIPLE EDGE™ cards are layered to create a multi-tiered edge with a black middle layer and white out layers.Choose from a variety of colors painted on the edge for a truly unique and captivating print.

COLOR EDGE™ cards are solid white stock with optional edge tint colors. Create depth and dimension with 3D edge effects.

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